Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia Submissions

Submissions are now closed

Acceptance of photo submissions for Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia project starting 1st October 2010 and ending  31st October 2011 ( midnight 24.00 GMT ). All submissions are automatically eligible  and entered into the competition entitled “The Best Photographs on the Advantages of the use of Rainwater - Grand Award of Geneva 2011”  and subject to the Rules of the competition. Judging and prizing of Rain drops Geneva will take place in November 2011 with winners announced at an exhibition in Geneva .

All submissions will be displayed on this website. Photojournale reserves the right to refuse any work deemed inappropriate. All photographs submitted to this site will reviewed by an invited Photojournale editorial group of leading photojournalists, to create a selection of work for the publishing of a print on demand book, supporting project website and or blog, traveling print exhibition (pending the funding through grant submissions), possible educational resource kits, and electronic publishing applications for digital reading devices such as the iPad.

All photographers will retain the copyright to their photographic work and use by either Photojournale or the IRHA will be for the Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia projects, “The Best Photographs on the Advantages of the use of Rainwater - Grand Award of Geneva 2011”  and their promotion, subject to the Rules of the competition.

Technical Requirements
Participants can submit a broad range of images.
Photography can be both horizontal (landscape orientation) and vertical (portrait orientation) images.
All images selected for the prize, exhibition and or publishing will need to be supplied at least as 2000px (long edge), 300 DPI full quality JPG or TIF unsharpened.

Note# Photographers must ensure that they possess source copies of their photography that conform to this requirement. If the work is selected for a prize, the exhibition or publication the failure to provide the work to this specification will disqualify the work for eligibility for inclusion in the prize, ancillary events and projects.

Photographic Style
Black & white and colour images are acceptable.
The IRHA and or Photojournale reserve the right to crop images if necessary.
Any use of Photoshop or touch ups should be limited to traditional darkroom techniques.
Use of cloning or other digital effects is forbidden and any images thought to be manipulated will be deemed ineligible.
Images shot in a photo studio will not be accepted.

Image captions
All images need to be accompanied with a text document properly captioned in the following way:
Photographer’s name: “First name, Family name”

Location: “Country and Place”

Image name: “Title”

Image description (limited to 20 words or less): “photo explanation”

File Naming
Please name your image files in the following way:
E.g. John Smith’s entries would be named Smith_01.jpg

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3 Responses to Submissions

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  2. drkr says:

    Please advise how to submit photographs in the “The Best Photographs on the Advantages of the use of Rainwater – Grand Award of Geneva 2011”. Where to get the ad hoc forms to be filled ?

    • admin says:

      Please follow the submissions guidelines, you will need to create the “ad hoc” form as a text file that accompanies your submission.

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