About the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA)

The IRHA was created in Geneva in November 2002, following the recommendations formulated during the world summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, as a response to the ever increasing water crisis. The IRHA is a consultant NGO to the UN on Rainwater collection and water management.

IRHA Mission
The IRHA’s mission is to promote Rainwater Harvesting as a tool for climate change adaptation and as a water resource which should be viewed in the framework of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

The IRHA’s Domains of promotion

Productive and domestic use
Enhancement in hygiene and sanitation

Preservation of soil and water for food security
Sustainable watershed development
Preservation of Ecosystems and recharging of aquifers
Reducing the risks of natural disasters and the adaptation to global warming

IRHA’s domains of activities

Realisation of projects on site
Exchange of skills, techniques, technology and sensitization
Strengthening the international movement of rainwater management worldwide
Political actions to include rainwater harvesting or collection in the governmental development and global warming adaptation programs.

IRHA’s objectives

To promote the management of rainwater as a precious resource and thus enhancing the sustainable access to water, as well as diminishing the risks of floods and erosion.

To implement, and to facilitate the implementation of projects and programs in order to treat rainwater harvesting or collection as an Integrated Water Resource Management.

To increase public advocacy at all levels for the inclusion of rainwater harvesting in the development and global warming adaptation program.

Vessela Monta
Executive Director
International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance

+ 41 (0)22 7974157

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