Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia – Raindrops Geneva Award 2011

Dear Photographers, Rainwater Harvesters and Friends,

The Best Photographs on the advantages of the use of rainwater – Raindrops Geneva Award 2011, has closed for submissions. The IRHA and Photojournale proudly announce  the winners of the competition.


The IRHA and Photojournale are pleased to announce that the winners of the Raindrops Geneva Award 2011 are:

Kazi Arifur Rahman

“Fighting Salinity with Rainwater”

Khulna, Bangladesh

“From time immemorial rainwater has been harvested in Bangladesh. In the coastal belt of Bangladesh groundwater is often saline and contaminated with arsenic, the crisis for pure drinking water is intense where rain water plays as an environmental solution.”

Ismail Ferdous

“Rain Water Survivors”

Danilo O. Victoriano Jr.

“Use in Case of Fire”

Shatkhira, Bangladesh Antipolo City, Philippines
“Climate Change and its consequences of water salinity in Shatkhira Bangladesh. The sea water level has risen and the entire water source became briny. People collect water from rain which is considered as one of their main sources of Drinking water.

The bags were filled with rain water last night. The little girl, Salina (12 years old) peeks through her window. All she can see is empty lands and only some reserves of rainwater she has left. It is only a matter of time before she runs out. Ironically, there is water everywhere; they only tend to be saline.”

“People improvise rain water storage for firefighting emergency use because their community has narrow road that inaccessible by fire truck.”

Partha Sarathi Bose


West Bengal, India

“During one of my photo outings I found these rural people fishing for livelihood using rain water.”

The quality of the photographs entered into the competition was extremely high and the judges had a difficult time choosing the winners. Out of a final selection of 13 photographs, the judges from Photojournale and the IRHA chose the top four, with two tied in second place. The winning photographs all demonstrate the vital role rainwater harvesting has in the lives of many people.

You can see the photographs placed in the top 13 in our Winners of Raindrops Geneva Award 2011 photo album.

You can also view the top 45 photographs in the Raindrops Geneva Award 2011 photo album.

Both the IRHA and Photojournale would like to thank everyone who entered this competition. We received almost 500 photographs from more than 50 countries and it has been the most successful Raindrops Geneva Award so far! Thank you!

For the first time, this competition will be the result of close collaboration between the IRHA and the very reputed Photojournale, with their “Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia project”. We are sure that this new synergy will attract a wider audience; increasing both the level of competition and awareness of rainwater harvesting.

Through this competition we aim to make the public, too often insufficiently informed, aware of the various advantages that rainwater harvesting offers by providing sustainable access to water. It is in this context that the IRHA and Photojournale invite photographers, professional and amateur alike, to present their vision on the benefits that this celestial resource can have for both humans and nature.

All works submitted and published through this website (www.thethirstyplanet.com – Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia ) are automatically eligible for the Raindrops Geneva 2011 - Best Photographs on the advantages of the use of rainwater competition.

Please see the rules for more information

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